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YouthWorks Mission Trip to Denver, Colorado—9th-12th Grade Youth

United Lutheran Church Youth Board is planning a senior high (9th-12th grade) service trip to Denver, Colorado, with YouthWorks.

Youthworks is a non-profit organization that connects middle and high school students to God, each other, and communities through meaningful, Christ-centered mission trips.

The exact dates and times of the trip are still being finalized, but will take place somewhere between August 1-6, with three of the days being service days in the Denver area. We currently have 16 youth and four adults registered for the trip.

We’d like to thank you, our church and members, for the amazing support. The youth served at the community meal in March with all free-will offering going toward their trip.

Thank you for your generation donations. We hope to plan a few more fundraising events to help offset the cost of the trip.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers as we ready our hearts and minds to put aside our interests to serve and love others in need.