Spiritual Life & Growth Committee

We, as members of our Spiritual Life & Growth Committee, enjoy serving our church family.  We supply the Decan for our pastor every week and we help serve communion on Sundays.

We have special responsibilities to fulfill, and here are some of them:

  • During this time of COVID, we were not able to physically visit with our nursing home or homebound members.  We wanted to keep in contact with them but how? We chose to send them uplifting and inspirational cards every month.
  • We also send out Birthday cards for our members who are 80 years of age and older.
  • We continue to help serve special events in our congregation.
  • We schedule and encourage the congregation to be involved in serving communion along side of us.
  • We help to make United Lutheran a presence in our town.
  • We help in serving different organization that come to our church, like the All State Lutheran Choir and Luther Crest when they have been involved with our Vacation Bible School.
  • This year we started two new projects.
  1. One is our Blessing Bags.  We ask our church members to keep a bag, or two, in their vehicle and when they meet someone who is in need, they offer this to them. These bags consist of personal and hygiene items, a water bottle, snacks and other essential items.
  2. The other project we started is our “Thanks for Popping In” bags for people who stop in the church to visit.

We, as part of the Spiritual Life & Growth Committee, feel honored to serve our church.