Endowment Committee

The United Lutheran Church Endowment Committee was established in 1996.  The mission is to encourage, receive, and administer gift to the church in perpetuity.  When ULC receives bequests by will or other estate gifts, the money is permanently invested in the Endowment Fund. Only the income of the fund is distributed to extend the ministry of Jesus Christ in exciting and effective ways.  Since the principal in the Endowment Fund is never spent, (the principal is the original value of the gift), endowment gifts “give forever”.

Here is a list of some of the activities and purchases the ULC Endowment Fund has paid over the last 20 years;

  • Luther Crest Camp scholarships
  • Lutheran college scholarships with the matching funds
  • 10 annual subscriptions to “The Lutheran Magazine”
  • ULC Vacation Bible School lead by Luther Crest Camp counselors
  • Trainings, workshops and other educational opportunities for ULC members of all ages
  • Scholarships for ULC youth to attend regional and national Lutheran conferences and conventions
  • A portion of the new furnace installation, ($15,000 over three years)
  • Sound System upgrades, Organ enhancements, and other equipment for the church

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