The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Jesus loved his disciples.  He knew he was going to heaven soon and wanted to make sure they weren’t afraid.  Jesus and his friends sat down on the soft grass.  Jesus said, “It’s important to remember all I’ve taught you.  Love God.  Love other people.              Help each other.  Remember, God is important.  God will always love you.”  Jesus looked at each of his friends’ faces.  He cared so much for each of them!  “I promise I’ll always love you and everyone who comes after you.  I won’t be here much longer.  But don’t worry!  God’s Holy Spirit will be with you always. The Holy Spirit will help you and be with you always.  The Holy Spirit will help you and God’s children forever.”  The disciples trusted Jesus and the promise he made.

The Holy Spirit   

Jesus disciples were celebrating a festival called Pentecost when suddenly a strong wind blew through the house. Everyone’s hair lifted and there was an amazing noise!  They looked at each other.  It looked like each disciple had a flame of fire touching him, but no one was burned.  The Holy Spirit had come, just as Jesus promised!  The disciples began to speak in different languages!  Languages they’d never learned!  Stranger yet—they could understand each other!

Peter stood up.  “I want to tell you about Jesus.”  He reminded everyone what Jesus taught them.  He told them how Jesus died and lives again.  “It’s time for us to begin a new life with God’s Spirit guiding us,” Peter said.  The disciples were excited to live differently, guided by God’s Spirit.  This was the very beginning of the Christian Church.